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Postby Grant » Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:39:35 pm

Putting this here for now:

David - When I started this game, I immediately had an alliance with Ashley 1.0 and soon after, you and I started talking and I knew you'd be someone I could and should work with. With Ashley 1.0 going MIA, I guess you could say you were effectively my first ally in the game. I tried to get you into Ralph's alliance and he didn't seem too amused with the idea of adding you, and said to just keep you around to vote with us which meant you were at the bottom of that alliance. I couldn't tell you this because I wanted you to not get nervous and I offered you an alternative with me and Ashley 1.0. You weren't interested so I was like "damnit, David, YOU need this!" In talking to Mike and Steph, I realized they were both going to be good allies so I suggested to Mike that he approach the both of you and when he did, I had to sell you on the idea of working with him. It was convenient that we all showed up for challenges, but I knew I needed to get you into a better position in the game since we were going to have each others' backs and all, that explains why I was so for it. I also defended your flip in Ponderosa as you'll see, in the time when everyone was calling you a goat. I also believe that if they voted Kristina out instead of me, you wouldn't have flipped on me in the following TC had they voted for me there, and it go to rocks and there's a chance one of them goes, and there's a chance one of us goes. If a Nama goes, we have the 4-3 and can sail through with the core4. If an Ovambo goes, Whitney doesn't vote and history repeats itself. Not a whole lot more to add to this, I suppose you can see the other 2 / my thread in Ponderosa to learn more about my game.

Mike - Oh, man, Mike. I don't think you realize how hard I worked for you in the game and again in Ponderosa. I WANTED you to get least trustworthy, because I knew you had a shot at it and I wanted you to get an advantage if it were to come to that. I know you felt a little bothered by it but I messaged you IMMEDIATELY following the announcement and told you not to worry about it. I knew you were not in the majority alliance, but I was going to get you in, somehow. I knew that David was sort of on the bottom, so I had to think of something and I was already aligned with Steph at this point. I'd been talking to both of them individually, and I wanted to include you. I suggested that you message both of them and suggest we get something working, I'm sure you remember that. I couldn't tell you about the majority alliance because I thought it might discourage you in your attempt to sell them both on the idea. It had to be you because I didn't want to come across as the one who was forming alliances with people on the bottom while in a majority, I just didn't want to do that. When you started the group PM, I had to sell David and Steph both individually on the alliance, I don't know how seriously they were willing to commit to it. After Rick was voted out, I believe they BOTH said something like "I don't know, maybe Mike?" when asking who would go home. We only had 4 and I couldn't afford to have any of our 4 willing to vote for you, I had to push Ralph, but we still needed one more and I had to sell Kristina on keeping you and she suggested Julie and I jumped on board (hence the flipping names around). I didn't care which of the two, so long as it kept the 4 of us in the game. I set the 4 person alliance up in Ponderosa as something you could take credit for, so you'd have something else to add to your resume but I think I had more to do with it than you did, honestly. I chose the 4 then had to individually sell them one it more than once to stay true to it. Also, I don't blame Steph at all, we were planning to vote Whitney. I only changed in the time before the tribal and after the vote because I got a little spooked, I fully expected us to only need 3. It's not her fault at all, if anything it's my own fault. I don't have too much more to add, so check the other 2 / my thread in Ponderosa if you want to see some more.

Stephanie - I always thought you were going to be my biggest threat (you and Kristina). Pre-merge, everyone was including you in alliances and everyone was including me alliances, which worked out well because we were in the middle of both together and it happened again a few times post-merge as well. I knew you were going to be a big threat, and I planned to use you as a shield the same way you used me. It's weird to me how similar our games were, and we ended up in similar positions in the game. I never felt like I was your #1 and felt like you were closer to K than me, but I had to make it seem like I was closer to you so you'd feel closer to you. I think our plan to ride both alliances would have worked great if we had the chance to do it, and I think you and I could've made it to the end in doing so, at least until F4. It's funny how I always told you how as long as we stick together, we'd make it to the end and the one time I decided to go a different way than you, I go home. Granted I would have gone home if I had stuck it out voting Whitney, but my point remains :P Also, I considered myself to be the most connected person in the game in Ponderosa. I think you think of your game similarly to how I played mine, the only real difference is that I got swapped and got a nice target on my back to where I thought I needed to win or I'd be taking votes, and also me + Ashley but other than that, our games are hauntingly similar (at least until I went home), and we even tied on immunity wins (most out of anyone, right?). It's so weird how many comparisons I can find between our games, it's like you played the female version of my game and the more subtle / better version of my game :) I even accurately predicted what your strategy was in Ponderosa for why I think people should vote for you. Like I told the other two, if you want to see bits and pieces of my strategy in one place, you can check out my thread in Ponderosa but by the time you see this it's probably better to just read my confessionals.
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