Fallen Comrades

Fallen Comrades

Postby Jeff Probst » Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:43:53 pm

So, as is tradition, please go over all of your fallen tribe mates as a sign of respect (or lack there of) and tell us your personal experience with them. if you have no opinion of them, simply say so. But this WILL help you prepare for the final Tribal Council and will help you remember your journey thus far. Feel free to post your thoughts in this thread as the jury cannot see it, OR if you feel more comfortable, simply make a new thread in your confessional forums.

Good luck final 3!
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Re: Fallen Comrades

Postby David » Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:21:35 pm

I'll just do the people that I got to meet.

Rick - I hated voting you out, but it was for the best. I think you could have been a really good player under different circumstances.

Cochran - We got to talk, like, twice, but I enjoyed our conversations even if they were brief. I hope you are enjoying your position as Ponderosa king!

Papa Bear - You annoyed me at first, but you grew on me in your last couple of days. You were like the male version of Sophie.

Ralph - The only time you made a real impression on me was when you were in a drunken stupor, which was amazing! Otherwise, I can't say much about you.

Grant - You were my closest ally throughout the entire game, and it sucked to watch you go this soon. You've got my vote for best jury member.

Kristina - I feel like you hate me now, which is fine! You were such a smart player and I respect you so much, but I had to save myself.

Whitney - I don't know you.

Julie - I think we all underestimated you. I never expected you to be the one to flip, so kudos to that! I hope you don't hold any hard feelings towards me because I think you're great, besides the fact that you almost got me out! What's up with that?!?!?!?!

Sophie - Such a tremendous competitor, and it was awesome to be able to play alongside you. For someone who came into the merge down in numbers to get fifth is just incredible.

Ashley - You know how I feel about you. Our relationship was up and down this whole game, but I truly respect you. This last vote killed me, and you deserve to be here just as much as any of us three.
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Re: Fallen Comrades

Postby Stephanie » Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:17:03 am

Cochran - 12th place


This was actually a really tough vote! You were so sweet and innocent, seemed to be excited to play the game. We just felt you were someone who we could take out first to secure the Ovambo numbers. I wish you had made it further.

Papa Bear - 11th place


Robbed! I think you definitely should've lasted longer. Unfortunately you came out of the gates pretty aggressively and we saw you as a threat. Had Nama had the numbers at the merge, I'm sure you would've gone all the way.

Ralph - 10th place


First Ovambo to leave at the merge. You were a firecracker, I'll give you that! We just saw you as a loose cannon who needed to leave. You tried to take me out after all, I guess you knew what you were doing! Maybe wouldn't have been such a bad idea if more people were on board for it.

Grant - 9th place


I was so upset after you were gone! I loved our conversations together, I felt like I could always be completely honest with you. I wish you were here with me at the end, but you're not. I hope you get to play a future season and I'm sure you'll go all the way!

Kristina - 8th place


Goddess! <3 You were easily one of my favorites in this. Loved how aggressively you played, people were terrified of you! You were very strategic and always thinking, the game wasn't the same after you were gone.

Whitney - 7th place


We never really spoke much, but I did think you were sweet. You not voting at the Tribal Council you left, changed the game. Otherwise David would've left. Instead, you got the purple rock! And Julie, Sophie and Ashley followed you out the door.

Julie - 6th place


No matter what people say, I respect the way you played the game. You broke away from the "goat" label we had on you and at least flipped and were willing to go to rocks on two occasions.

Sophie - 5th place


For the longest time I thought for sure you would win the game. I am still shocked that we were able to eliminate you. No matter what, I think you were the star of this season! <3 I know we were at each others throats at times, but it was really a pleasure to play with you.

Ashley - 4th place


I think we all underestimated you at the start of the merge. But you definitely showed your capabilities, playing your part in the Grant blindside, also winning immunities, finding the first merge idol. And then the counting challenge. You pushed me to the limit and I have so much respect for you! It's a shame you couldn't make the Final 3, but unfortunately, it had to be done.
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